Since 2004 our business has grown enormously and we've achieved so much. Our mission is to provide the best possible quality of service and be at the top

of the list when it comes to installation of automatic garage doors. We have a well-motivated team working hard to ensure that we have the best quality

Meranti doors, and this makes the company one of the leading installers of garage doors automation technology.


Our business supplies and installs top notch and well trusted brands of garage doors and garage automation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer products of the highest quality with a guaranteed back up service to match!


Our company specializes in the fitting, replacing, servicing and repairs of all types of garage doors and automation. We thoroughly understand the home owner's needs, from quality, size, design and workmanship we can install any type of garage door and garage door automation technology.


Not only do offer garage doors and maintenance thereof, we also offer matching front house doors and frames. We customise and treat all our wooded products with silk wood for that extra "fancy" look.


* We not only specialize in Wooden doors but also do Chromotek and aluminium doors, with aluminium window frames. The colour vary from, Charcoal, White, Bronze, ect. 


A annual service should be done on all automated garage doors. Once you've called us to book a service, we guarantee that it will be carried out withinrespected time frame and give you a 1 month guarantee on the workmanship carried out. New installations have a 12 month guarantee.






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